The Best Idaho Wedding Venue

Idaho is one of the states with the most spectacular scenery in the country. From deep rocky canyons with swift, white water streams at the bottom, to broad green valleys between snow-covered mountain ranges, to peaks mirrored in breath-taking splendor in a lake, Idaho has natural beauty throughout. Picking the most beautiful spot in the state would simply be impossible.

But if you’re looking for the loveliest, classiest venue for your wedding in Idaho, choosing is a lot easier. Voted the best wedding venue in the state of Idaho by Cosmopolitan Magazine, the Arling Center at Tamarack Resort is the perfect place for a romantic, formal, casual, or themed wedding. Or any type of wedding that you might want. Cosmopolitan called it a site with picturesque mountains and stunning views of Lake Cascade, lauding all the outdoor activities that your guests can enjoy.

So what is so special about the Tamarack Resort?

Lake Cascade

Set in the heart of the fabulous West Central Mountains, on the slopes of Council Mountain, the Arling Center provides dramatic views of Lake Cascade at any time of year as well as access to the lake. The lake, which covers 47 square miles, is a reservoir on the North Fork of the Payette River.

White water rafting

The white water experience on the Payette is excellent with difficulties ranging from Class I to Class IV. Rafting companies offer rafting tours with experienced guides. You can also rent kayaks for a more solitary experience.


The lake offers outstanding fishing with trout, smallmouth bass, and two varieties of salmon. The fishing goes on all year long with ice fishing in the winter. During warmer months, you can fish from a boat, which are easy to rent, or from the shore. A fishing license is required at all times.


One of the most enjoyable and healthy activities, Tamarack Resort provides access to dozens of trails covering hundreds of miles of incredible scenery. The area is an important breeding ground for several bird species, most particularly, the Western Grebe. Over 3% of the world’s population of this waterfowl lives by the lake. Other birds of note include common loons, American white pelicans, bald eagles and osprey. Great gray owls and peregrine falcons have been observed in recent years.

Other wildlife can be seen while hiking. Deer, elk, and coyotes are common. Foxes, beavers, and bats are seen less frequently with an occasional moose wandering through.

Biking and horseback riding

Alternative methods of exploring the back country around Lake Cascade include mountain or trail biking and riding horses. Both bikes and horses can be rented near the resort. Or you can bring your own.

Water sports

Beside fishing and white water rafting, your guests can enjoy swimming, boating, jet skiing, paddle boarding, kayaking, or canoeing. You can even rent a small sailboat or a surf board for wakeboarding. The person on a wakeboard is towed behind a motorboat and surfs the boats wake.

It all depends on your mood and your preferences. You can enjoy a quiet summer afternoon slipping silently along the shore in a kayak. Or you can rev up the motor on a jet ski and explore much of the lake. There are several unoccupied islands, great for a picnic.

The Tamarack Resort offers lessons to those novices in some water sports. Never water skied? Unfamiliar with a wakeboard? The staff at Tamarack will have you skiing or surfing in an hour.

Disc golf

If you’ve never heard of it, disc golf (sometimes called folf) is a flying disc sport, played by the rules of golf. The disc is thrown at a target. Tamarack has an 18 hole course which will give your guests a good workout.

Zip line tours

Not just a zip line, this is a tour. Eight zip lines, two suspension bridges, and a tree house that soars 105 feet into the air. You will speed through the tree canopy, admiring the landscape below and the mountains as they climb off into the distance.

Winter sports

Skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, cross-country are all available. Tamarack is, after all, a ski resort. If you decide to have your wedding in the winter, your guests will enjoy the slopes, as well as sitting in front of a roaring fireplace with a hot chocolate. The mountains in the winter under a pure white cover of new-fallen snow are breath-taking – the perfect backdrop for your ceremony.

No matter what time of year you decide on for your wedding, the Tamarack Resort will be waiting for you and your friends and family. The mountains, the lake, the beauty of an Idaho sunset, they’ll all be there with the particular beauty of the season.

Make your wedding extraordinary. Contact the Tamarack Resort today to talk to one of our trained staff. We’re not only knowledgeable, we’re friendly and helpful. Come to the Tamarack for the best. We make great memories.