Creating A Beautiful Wedding Invite

Over the past few years, wedding invitations have evolved from banal cards with rings and roses from a nearby stall to real designer masterpieces. And this did not happen by chance: today the brides understand that the invitation is not just a piece of paper, but what the wedding actually begins in the eyes of the guests. Invitations not only inform about the date and time of the celebration, but also make it clear what to expect at your wedding – from decoration to wishes for the dress code, type of gifts, the ability to bring children with you, etc. As with any detailed modern weddings, invitation design has its own trends. Today I will tell you about the TOP-6 hot trends in the design of wedding invite cards – choose according to your taste!

1. Watercolor

This is not the first season in fashion, but it still does not give up its positions! The blurry lines of watercolors look unsaid and incredibly attractive, giving wedding prints a resemblance to the masterpieces of great artists. Watercolor is versatile and will decorate invitations to both a classic wedding in pastel colors and to a bold modern celebration – you just need to vary the shades and presentation.

2. Calligraphy

Hand-signed wedding invitations – what could be more soulful and romantic in the age of the Internet and digital technologies? It is not for nothing that calligraphy has literally taken over the wedding world and has become one of the most fashionable trends! Calligraphy lettering is always unique – the artist creates them especially for you. With them, any invitation will look modern and stylish, regardless of the background. Such invitations do not require additional decorations – handwritten letters are beautiful in themselves.

3. Torn edges

Such invitations are like notes found in a bottle brought out on the seashore, or secret messages that did not have time to burn. They look mysterious and romantic, and in combination with calligraphy, silk ribbons and wax seals, they are ideal for a sophisticated vintage wedding.

4. Painted portraits or photos of the newlyweds

Such invitations will definitely be exclusive, especially if you come up with an interesting plot for a joint photo. Although even the most ordinary shots from the photo booth will evoke warm emotions in the guests. But the mini-portraits of the newlyweds, specially ordered from the artist, are a trend that has long been popular abroad, but in our country it is only gaining momentum. Such wedding invitations look a little naive, childishly sincere and sincere. Now this trend is mostly set for the wedding save the dates.

5. Dark paper

A great example of a departure from tradition. Invitations not on light, but on dark (even black) thick paper do not look gloomy at all, but stylish and modern. Add calligraphy and gilding – your invitations have acquired an expensive and aristocratic look. Having received such an invitation, the guests will immediately tune into a solemn mood!

6. Metallic effects

Whether it’s embossed gold letters, silvery paper, or coppery designs, metallic wedding invitations are a must. It can be interpreted in any form: fans of modern styles will choose geometric patterns, adherents of the classics – calligraphic inscriptions with a metallic sheen.